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At VPI, we provide multiple Web Guiding System Solutions that best fit to a client’s system requirements. With our vast knowledge in Guiding System combined top notch products of powerful brand name ie BST Eltromat International, VPI has a wide array of Web Guiding products that work in large range of substrates while effectively minimize waste and downtimes.

Web Guiding Controllers

All controllers come with ports for various sensors and can be universally applied delivering top class performance. The compact controller designs allows a direct installation on/inside the guiding device on any desired position in machines.

The controller compares actual values on the web position with defined nominal values. If there is a deviation, the controller sends a correction signal to the guiding device.

At BST eltromat we differenciate between BASIC and ADVANCED Controller to meet your requirements.

Web Guiding Sensors

The current position of the web is the basis. It is captured by one or more sensors  as actual position.

Comprised of three excellent types : Ultrasonic, Optical and Contrast. Each type has different field applications with similar accuracy and reliable results.

Web Guiding Actuators

Web Guiding Actuators

Features of BST eltromat’s actuators:

  • Wear-resistant DC motors
  • Ball screw spindle drives for a long service life and minimum backlash
  • Designed for curved and linear correcting movements
  • Various sizes of actuation path, force and speed possible
  • Available with position feedback (precise capturing of current actuating drive position), electronic end position switch-off and servo-center position
  • electrical power supply dircetly from the amplifier
  • non maintainance