PT. Viktori Profindo Industri is an Industrial Engineering company moving in Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Automation & Control For Industrial Spare parts and Machines with the most viable, efficient and cost- effective Engineering Solution.

As a part of Viktori Profindo Group, PT. Viktori Profindo Industri ( VPI) has strong history and business reputation since  year 2004. Our business concept is a multifaceted electrical and mechanical products for industrial spare parts and machine provider : Distributorship, General Trading and Engineering Company.

Renowned of quality solutions, trust in business and customer satisfaction, VPI has always succeeded in using advancement in Industrial Machinery & Automation technology to create innovative and expeditious solutions for the even most challenging system customized to meet our clients’ requirements. With decades of first-hand experience in diverse fields, VPI has developed systems and accomplished great numbers of project in various industrial application.


VPI accredits its success largely to their own impeccable engineering team, which is a line up of dedicated force and work synergy with experience, hard work and intelligence. Constantly on the lookout for the best quality solutions, our expert engineers are always motivated to improve on engineering solutions and progresses. Upholding high working values and creative methods, our team operates responsibly, executes with excellence while applies innovative technologies and creates clients’ growth.

VPI also prides itself as a customer oriented company by firmly maintaining its principle motto “ Customer isn’t always right, but Customer is always important”. To prove that aim, VPI dedicates its best people in customer care & relation as they continue to strive by providing quality products and superior services that underpin infrastructure and industry.


With an united front of executives and employees backed with strong relationships with world- best names of industrial provider, VPI is always a step ahead in terms of becoming the primary and global face of electrical and mechanical industry in Indonesia.